Not being an actual Mom myself I am sure that a few people might be skeptical about my thoughts on what a Mom really wants for Mother's Day but I am willing to take the risk. Why? Because I had a Mom and I know a lot of Mom's.

First, I want to start with the old saying "call your Mom". Mom's loved to hear from their kids. In this day and age of texting everything, texting Mom is good but once in a while pick up the phone so she can hear your voice. Back in my day you had to call that may be why I am still stuck on that idea.

Second, They want to be able to keep you safe. If the last 8 weeks have taught us anything it is that life can be unexpected so keeping your wits about you and being safe is paramount. This includes washing your hands. How many times in your life has your Mom utter those words. They take on a whole new meaning now a days.

Third, Mom really wants you to know how proud she is of you so let her tell her friends what you've been doing. Sometimes it might be a bit embarrassing but truth be told if your Mom is bragging about you to her friends she is also saying how proud she is of what you have accomplished.

And Finally, she wants you to clean your room and that includes if your room is actually in your own house or apartment. So let's see how many of these we can give Mom on Sunday. And Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's.

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