Most of us know that Mother's day is this coming Sunday. So call your Mom. Hopefully you have had time to plan a gift for your Mom or even some kind of visit. And Again call your Mom. With the way 2020 rolled out many of us were kept from visiting friends and family and even Mom's so for some this Sunday will be very special because it will bring people together for the first time in along time.


I have to say it one more time, call your Mom. Day or night Mom's love to here from there kids. Mom's are even getting better about texting. Texting Mom will work but she would really love to hear your voice on the other end of the phone. No matter what you plan for Mom as a gift this year nothing is better than the gift you give her when you remember to call your Mom.

So what if you aren't a Mom and your don't have a Mom to celebrate with this weekend. I have a few suggestions that might work.

1 - Borrow a Mom. Chances are you have a friend with a cool Mom or maybe even your friend is a cool Mom, see if you can tag along with them on the weekend.

Senior female friends enjoying each other

2 - Celebrate National Dog Mom's Day which just happens to be this Saturday, May 8th, If you are a dog Mom like me it works out perfect.


3 - Spend time acting like a Mom. Good Moms handout care and love unconditionally. Maybe you can find someone or something that could use some good old mothering and spend time doing that this weekend.

Father and disabled son in wheelchair on beach with family

But whatever you do if you have a Mom remember she'd love to hear from you so call your Mom. And of course happy Mother's Day to all the Hudson Valley Moms.

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