The way I see it is Mother's Day can be celebrated two ways. First is by a group of people getting together to honor Mom and all she has done for them. Or number two, Mom treats herself to a great day which may or may not include the children. It is my wish that all of you great Moms out there are surrounded by happiness this weekend.

Like a lot of you I don't have any children, nor do I have anyone who looks to me as a mother figure. When my friend were busy building families, I was off building other stuff. I may never have had children but I have always had a dog. I am one of those folks who refers to my dog as my kid. Yes, My Minnie Pearl is a fur baby.

So whether you have a Mom, are a Mom, or have a fur baby it is important that you set aside some "Mom time" on Sunday. If you are looking for a gift Esquire has some suggestions below.  I want to add that spending time with you Mom is the best gift you can give her. And oh yeah, Call your Mom, often! Mom's can't hear from you enough. Like I said I am not a Mom but I know a lot of them and they all want to hear from their kids often.

What are my plans on Sunday? Minnie Pearl has bought me tickets to King Arthur. She is such a thoughtful kid.


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