It really is crazy how our music tastes change over the years, I've gone from rock to hip hop to country and back again.

If you missed us on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess show this morning we were talking about how some of the big chain stores are going to stop carrying CD's this summer and we wanted to know what was the first CD you remember buying?

After thinking about, the first CD I purchased was one of the best albums ever recorded, Led Zeppelin IV, the one with "Stairway to Heaven" on it. I must have listened to that bad boy 45 thousand times in a week and I actually still listen to it every once and a while.

Jess let us know that her first purchase was the Spice Girls and then she moved into the whole boy band thing.

Do you remember the first CD you bought? Did anyone take full advantage of Columbia House back in the day? I remember signing up for the through the mail CD offer with every member of my families names and then never paying for the CD's. Yup, I'm the reason that they went out of business.

Let us know on Facebook if you can remember your first CD.

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