They will start disappearing from store shelves this summer.

I have been a music guy for 30 years and have gone through all different changes when it comes to buying my music. It started with records, cassettes, CD's and now finally to digital downloads.

As a mobile DJ for years, getting music online has made it so easy to carry my stuff, no more crates of records or cases of CD's. My back is very thankful, but I have to say I'm a little sad to see that CD's are soon leaving store shelves.

According to Billboard, the electronic super store chain Best Buy has just told music suppliers that it will pull CD's from its stores starting July 1st, 2018. Best Buy said the reasoning behind the decision is because the CD business is only generating about $40 million every year, which is significantly down from years past.

Best Buy also announced that they will continue to carry vinyl records in stores for the next two years as they keep a commitment it made to record vendors.

Target stores could be the next chain to say goodbye to CD's as they have told music suppliers that they want CD's and DVD's to be sold on a consignment basis, meaning that they only want to pay for what they sell.

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