Any idea?

This time of year there are all kinds of different things running around the Hudson Valley. You have your bear, deer, freaking mountain lions (I think) and all varieties of bugs. Many times I have taken a quick break during the show and headed outside of the studios to come across all kinds of random things.

I've come across worms, foxes, deer and more. Most times I have no idea what I'm looking at and it happened to me again this morning. What the heck kind of bug is this?


Now before you call me dumb for asking, I am no entomologist. Which according to the website Quora is a person who studies and can identify bugs or insects. Yes I had to look that up. LOL!

I don't think the picture I took does this thing any justice. It's HUGE and not really moving at all. Is it a grass hopper? Cricket? If you have any idea what the heck type of bug it is, please text me through the Wolf app so the next time I see one I can sound smart.

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