Sometimes some of the strangest things run through my head. I am never quite sure how I get there but tonight at the grocery store I had this thought, How much would a quarter be worth today. Turns out there is a way to find out. And not just how much a quarter is worth. You can do any amount you want. But before I share the answer and how you can get it let me explain how I got to this completely random thought.

I was in the grocery line tonight behind someone who was buying Halloween candy. I have actually been buying it for over a month now but this person looked like they had waited for the calendar to flip to October. Anyway while it was being rung up I started thinking about the candy. Then about how much I need for Halloween. Then I thought about Halloween and trick or treating when I was a kid and suddenly I remembered that my Grandpa always handed out quarters.

That memory led me to think about the reason he did that which was for the Unicef books. He also claimed that not all kids wanted candy and that having the quarter they could go buy a toy or a comic book. Of course then I was thinking what you could actually buy with a quarter in 2019. Not much, which is what led me to the thought How much is 25 cents worth today vs 1970? Turns out it isn't enough to buy a toy but you could definitely buy some candy. According to 25 cents from 1970 is now worth $1.65. Not bad.

Have some fun figuring out your own money from the past by clicking on the button below.


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