A soap opera star is claiming that Beacon, New York is having an identity crisis. All because of a specific vehicle parked on Main Street.

Thankfully, this has nothing to do with the Dummy Light.

Soap Star Visits Beacon, New York

Hudson Valley residents will be the first to tell you that over the years we've seen a change in our local towns. But that's what happens over the years, and we've come to accept it.

But of course, we have social media now where we can voice our concerns. A soap opera actress did just that.

Cady McClain is best known for her work on shows like As The World Turns, All My Children, and Days of Our Lives. McClain has won 3 "Daytime Emmys for three different characters on three different Daytime Serials" according to her website.

The actress was in Beacon, New York earlier this week and shared the photo below on social media:

Cady McClain, Facebook
Cady McClain, Facebook

Is there anything that you notice about this photo of Main Street in Beacon, New York?

Award-Winning Actress Thinks Beacon, NY Is Having an Identity Crisis

Yes, of course, we notice the big Tesla Cybertruck. But that's nothing new for Main Street, Beacon.

However, McClain thinks otherwise. She wrote on Facebook "My car and… what the hell, Tesla?? I’m not ready for this movie." She went on to explain that she had recently watched The Breakfast Club calling it a "A silly film on the surface, but.. a film. On film. Filled with characters who were revealed to be actual people. Not fake people. Not AI. Not aliens pretending to be people."

McClain asks "Let's bring that back, shall we."

The award-winning actress then writes:

(Beacon, NY is having an identity crisis. Mr Peanut is not amused.)

This has us thinking, is McClain right? Is Beacon having an identity crisis? Because of the Cybertruck?

Many people have posted photos of Cybertrucks driving through the Hudson Valley, but I never saw it as an AI takeover in the region, maybe it's just a little taste of what the future has in store for us.

Also, am I the only one who thinks these Cybertrucks are super ugly? I digress. . .

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