When was the last time someone asked you "what's your sign?" It doesn't seem like a lot of people care about people's zodiac signs any more but the reality is they are still popular. Zodiac Signs are a fun way to defend parts of your personality. They also will help sort out your day if you are a fan of the daily horoscopes.

Knowing your zodiac sign is important because it will also tell you things like what is your ruling plant or ruling element. What I didn't know is there is also herbs assigned to each zodiac sign. The Spruce published a list earlier this year of herbs and their corresponding zodiac signs. According to the article we have always had a strong sense of our surrounding and it turns out it can be applied to plants that are in bloom under our stars when we are born.

It seems on the list referenced by The Spruce there are 5 herbs assigned to each of the 12 zodiac signs. Some herbs are associated with more than one sign. Basil for instance shows up often. Let's face it basil is amazing. It smells good and tastes good. Bring on the pesto. I actually end up with Basil under my stars along with two of my other favorites Saffron and Sage.

Hey cool birthday gift idea next time you are stuck for just the right gift for someone special in your life. Look up their birth-herb and use it in a meal you make for them. Then, add to it a cool piece of jewelry with their zodiac birthstone / gem. Oh and throw in a bouquet of their zodiac flower too. You can never go wrong with food, jewelry and flowers.

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