Welcome the zodiac sign of Taurus to 2017. I have a few friends that are born under the sign of the Bull and I have to say they are true Taurus'. Do you know some one who is loyal but set in their ways? Are they a great cook? Do they dress well? And do they hate when it gets complicated? Chances are that person is born between April 20th and May 20th and they are a Taurus.

Famous Taurus' are Actor & Action Man Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Facebook mogul  Mark Zuckerberg, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, William Shakespeare, singer Adele, Al Pacino and Ulysses S Grant. If you were born under the bull you are in good company.

According to Astro Style a Taurus is patient and organized on a good day. On a bad day they can be too cautious and cheap. I have to say that I must only know Taurus' that have good days. The ruling planet of Taurus, Venus apparently adds to their Charm and ability to embellish everything a Taurus touches. I have to admit all the Taurus' I know are very stylish.

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