Many of us will spend the next few weekends raking leaves in our yards. It is the thing we get to do each year in the Hudson Valley if we have a yard. So what do you do with all your leaves? Hopefully, you keep them because they are good for the yard but I caution you about keeping them near your house.

Many people by now realize that keeping your leaves can be good for the yard, the environment, and even your gardens. According to sources like The Spruce, the leaves decompose which adds nutrients to the soil. So people rake them but keep them to create compost. One thing you never want to do is rake them against your house.

Unraked Leaves are Good for Your Yard Says The Spruce

I once had a friend who had heard that leaves can act as an insulator in your garden to protect plants and keep them warmer. This gave them the idea that raking leaves up against the foundation of their house would have the same effect. She believed that the leaves would help keep the house warmer.

I should explain that she had an old house with a stone foundation and a crawl space. The idea was to rake the leaves up against the house and have them act as a barrier between the winter elements and the house's foundation. Good in theory except she didn't think about the leaves holding in moisture and bugs.

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She also didn't think about the fact that one of the reasons leaves can be a good blanket for your garden is the breakdown and that they would leave a layer of new leafy soil full of nutrients for your garden. Needless to say, she didn't make that mistake again the following year.

What Happens to Leaves Left Against a House?

I had never seen such a wet soggy mess as all those leaves up against her house. They were practically glued to the stones of the house's foundation and full of water from the winter snow. They held so much moisture and everything was muddy and moldy. Not to mention it was creepy crawly bug heaven.

So like The Spruce says leaves are great to leave in your yard and garden but take my advice and make sure you get them away from the house.

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