It was THE place to get married for many years!

After hearing about the news that Anthony's Pier 9 was sold I started to see and hear all kinds of stories from people that remember attending at least one event at the legendary catering hall. I know that they had their doors open for over 40 years and with that, lot's of great times were had there by many, including ME...kinda...LOL!

It was 1999 and I was engaged to my first wife. Back then if you wanted to throw a "bougie" wedding the only place to go was Pier 9. If you've never been it was like a place you'd see in Atlantic City but it was here in the Hudson Valley. It had a grand entrance, it had lots of lights and of course fountains and a Cinderella carriage for great pictures. Anyway the marriage didn't last very long but the reception was soooo much fun and the wedding cake they did for us was one of those tier type cakes with staircases connecting the levels of cake....super Italian....LOL!

What's your Pier 9 memory? Cleat Bee called us to let us know that back when he was 9 or 10 he went to his cousins wedding and wound up "getting frisky" with two 15 year old twins. Something he'll never forget, his first kiss or kisses happened at Pier 9. Monica called to let us know that Arlington had their prom at Pier 9 back 6 or 7 years ago. Lots of proms have been held there over the years, was yours?

Call or text us your Pier 9 memory through the Wolf app and keep checking back for some more great memories.

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