Both the National Weather Service (NOAA) and Central Hudson have posted weather warnings for early this evening and later tonight for the Hudson Valley. We are expecting a line of storms to pass through starting around 6 PM that will have rain and wind strong enough to possibly down trees and cause power outages.

NOAA has a Hazardous Weather Outlook warning posted along with a Special Weather Statement for most of the Hudson Valley. Around 6 PM they expect a line of rain and thunderstorms to move through the area traveling from the west and heading east to New England. This line of weather is expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds with it as it moves through. Wind gusts could be as strong as 50 to 60 miles per hour and gust are expected to last into the overnight.

Central Hudson sent out an email warning customers that the line of storms moving through could cause power interruptions due to downed powerline. They asked customers to prepare for thunderstorms and gusty winds. In the email they also mentioned that they are readying crews and will be prepared in the event power goes off for parts of the area.

Central Hudson also sent a reminder that you should always stay clear of downed powerlines. A distance of 30 feet away is suggested from downed wires. Other safety things to keep in mind during a storm that may down powerlines are never remove limbs from powerline because the lines could still be live and if you are driving never drive over wires in the road or even attempt to go around.


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