Let me ask you to rewind a little back to October 20th, 2017. It was a Friday and CJ was out for the day with his kids who had off from school.

It also happened to be the anniversary of when we started the CJ in the Morning Show together. According to the paper work, it's been three years since we've joined forces and I couldn't be happier.

However, CJ forgot out anniversary. I reminded him for weeks following that he missed the big day. CJ then gifted me with a new truck. Kind of. More importantly the truck had my name on it. I was honored and surprised at CJ's thoughtfulness.

Turns out it was all a sham.

It wasn't CJ's idea, turns out Beth Christy was the mastermind behind the whole new truck. Beth also has a couple of tickets to go see Garth Brooks on Dec. 2.

Take a selfie with the truck and send it to us through the Wolf app. Or you can upload your selfie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WolfTruck. (Make sure the post is publicly visible so we can find it.

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