It's a rivalry old as time.

And it also has a special place on the Waking Up with CJ and Jess Show.

The NFL season is in week two with the New York football Giants matched up against "America's Team" The Dallas Cowboys. If you listen to the show then you know CJ is a huge Cowboys fan while Jess has deep roots with the New York Giants.

It seems that for the past four years theres always a wager between CJ and Jess when the Giants and Cowboys match up. And this year is no different.

Apparently someone, the loser, will be getting a pie in the face this week.

Lets take a look at Cowboy-Giant wagers of past years and see if we can top the ridiculousness this year.

There was that one time CJ lost and had to wear a sign and Giants gear to the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival:

And then there was the Ice Bucket Challenge, when the Giants lost and Jess got a bucket of water dumped on her head:

This wasn't a Giants/Cowboys bet, but one time CJ lit his Cowboys shirt on fire much to Jess' amusement:

What will the outcome be this year? You'll just have to wait and see...



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