Is it a bird?


It's most definitely a plane.

But wait, is that...? Is that Air Force One?

You be the judge. Facebook was abuzz on Wednesday morning, May 9, after what many saw as Air Force One flying around the Hudson Valley.

I started seeing a few statuses about a big, low-flying plane in the Newburgh area around 9AM on Wednesday morning with a few comments following saying "Air Force One is hovering around Stewart."

Immediately I thought about the scene in the movie Independence Day when they board Air Force One because the aliens were taking over. Obviously, that's not what was happening here.

Facebook user Tom Stacklum took a few good shots of the plane flying over head in Orange County and shared them with us:

Tom Stacklum
Tom Stacklum

We haven't gotten official word if it actually is Air Force One, but we can definitely see the similarity:

Getty Images

What could Air Force One be doing in the Hudson Valley? Was Trump just enjoying the springtime views? Let us know what you think on Facebook.