The big-name pharmacy has released a list of stores that are expected to close as the company finalizes a plan to fix its struggling business.

Earlier this month we told you that Walgreens CEO Tim Wentworth announced that the company would be closing hundreds of its more than 8,600 drugstores over the next three years. Wentworth explained that "changes are imminent" for about 25% of the company’s underperforming stores, which could affect roughly 2,100 stores across the country.

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Walgreens Closing Stores

When the retail giant announced it would be closing stores it didn't specify which locations would close only saying that it would be focusing primarily on non-profitable stores, those located too closely together, or stores that are struggling with ongoing theft problems according to Irish Star. A few days after the announcement Walgreens released a list of stores that they would be closing soon including stores in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

Walgreens Closing
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Walgreens Closing Stores in New York

Walgreens will also be closing a couple of its 475 stores in New York soon including the Walgreens located in New York City at 77 7th Ave, New York, NY, and the store in Wolcott, New York at 5651 Whiskey Hill Road. At this time the Walgreens locations across the Hudson Valley, NY including stores in Poughkeepsie, Highland, Wappingers Falls, New Paltz, and Newburgh are NOT scheduled to be closed.

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In total 93 Walgreens locations are already scheduled to close soon with many more locations expected to be announced soon. Walgreens has already closed 2,000 locations over the last 10 years. This is a developing story and as more locations are announced we will update this article.

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