Have you tried to buy an Amazon gift card in New York recently, but couldn't find one? You aren't the only one as it appears that Amazon gift cards are no longer available in stores across New York State.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards Pulled from Stores in New York

If you are a person who likes to give cards as gifts have you noticed that you can no longer buy Amazon gift cards at many stores in New York? After going shopping at a few stores over the last few weeks for graduation gifts I've noticed that all of the stores that I've shopped at don't seem to carry the gift cards anymore. The first I noticed it at was the CVS on Route 52 in Fishkill, NY and after noticing that there weren't any cards in the Amazon spot in the "gift card center" I just thought they were out of them and decided I would get them somewhere else.

Amazon at Dollar Tree

Hudson Valley Stores Stop Selling Amazon Gift Cards?

My next stop was Dollar Tree on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie, NY and as I looked through their Prepaid Center (above), I noticed they had every other gift card except Amazon! Thinking I was losing my mind I asked one of the employees why they didn't have any available and she told me they removed them a few days ago but didn't know why, or if they would be coming back anytime soon.

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My last stop was Dollar General on Hooker Ave in Poughkeepsie, (you've probably already noticed the trend here)…they didn't have them available either.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards Disappear

When I got home I had to try and find out what was going on so I started searching online to see if the gift cards were available at any other stores and discovered that they have disappeared from many stores in New York including stores in western New York like Tops, Wegmans, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General. According to WGRZ, Tops confirmed that Amazon gift cards have been pulled from the shelves at their stores across New York.

It's unclear why the gift cards are no longer available but from time to time Amazon will experiment with different ways customers can purchase gift cards. Amazon gift cards are always available through Amazon's website.

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