I want to start this by saying nothing I own is "Mint in Box." If you aren't familiar with the phrase it basically means the item is still exactly like the way it came when it was brand new.

Pristine in its original wrapper as if had been left on a shelf instead of being opened and used. Oh, I may have a thing or two in my house that I haven't opened but those items aren't anything anyone is going to start collecting.

Some VHS Tape Are Worth Thousands of Dollars

Of course, you probably shouldn't take my word for that either being that I never thought anyone would collect old VHS movies. Turns out I was very wrong. It never occurred to me when I was buying up my favorite movie at a Block Buster that I might have been investing in my future.

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All I had on my mind was getting my favorite movies so I could watch them as many times as I wanted are you now realizing I was doing this in the days before Netflix and Digital Streaming? To be sure I would have them forever I would also get those plastic cases just like the ones they used for rented VHS tapes. My tapes were going to be kept in collector condition.


The decision to use the plastic cases is where I made the fatal mistake with the value of my tapes. Obviously, I was going to watch them that's why I bought everything from City Slickers to Pink Floyd the Wall, to Thelma and Louise and Nobody's Fool, a film we all cherished because it was filmed in Beacon. Back then that was a big deal, but nowadays not so much.

Are Old VHS Tapes Worth Money?

Besides the fact that I cracked open the original wrapper to watch them, I also had to cut up the box they came in to fit them in the plastic case. Yes, every tape now only has the front cover and the title down the side. What was I thinking?

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Anyway even if the movies I enjoyed had become collector's items the truth is I would be out of luck not just because I opened the box to watch them but because I cut up the box in order to get them in the plastic holders.


So hopefully you treated your tapes better and hopefully one of them made the list below because you could be one EBAY post away from making some collector cash.

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