Who is ready to head back outdoors to watch a movie? Hudson Valley drive-in movie season is fast approaching are you ready?

One Hudson Valley Theater is getting ready but they are bracing their customers for a bit of a schedule disruption. The plan is to open for the season but it seems some of the movies they will be showing will be a few popular ones from the past.

Fair Oaks Drive-In Plans Open Night in Middletown, New York

FairOaks Drive-In is getting ready to open the gates on May 23rd. It is a Thursday night. Once they open for the season they want to make sure they have a full schedule but just like the indoor theaters they are running into problems filling up the schedule.

Canva / Google
Canva / Google

From what they shared on Facebook they claim it is going to be a strange summer. The writers' and actors' strike is affecting their schedules. But instead of shorting the performances Fair Oaks has a plan that I think will work well at the Drive-In.

When Will Fair Oaks Announce its Movie Schedule for the Summer?

Fair Oaks plans to fill out its summer movie schedule with a few classic double features.  This means that not only will you get to see blockbuster new films but there will be weekends with movies that have withstood time. I think the classic weekend is a great idea.

Look for Fair Oaks to announce its movie lineup the week before they open. In the meantime, if you are looking for work this summer They have a few spots. Email fairoaksdi@gmail.com.

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