These types of things have to stop happening.

Whenever I come across something like this on social media it beyond frustrates me, and I hope by spreading the word we can all put an end to situations like these. I was on Facebook earlier this week and saw a post from a friend that said that he came across two abandoned portable pet carriers on the side of the road full of kittens.

The post read, "Somebody just abandoned 2 carriers full a tiny kittens in Olive bridge! Could use a little help with this. Anybody willing to Foster some kittens or point me in the right direction of where to bring them?"

After reading the post and the comment section I was happy to find out that folks in the area of Olivebridge have stepped up with donations and such, to make sure the cats have a chance. I also reached out to see if we could help and was told by Damon, who posted about it, that," All the cats are all doing great! They are all using the litter box and should be ready soon."

He also told me that," I Have a Chief of a local pd taking one as well as one of the officers. The rest will go to friends with families."

Damon did tell me that he was going to try and bring the cats to the Ulster County SPCA but their policy is that they charge people money to surrender animals and that you can't just drop them off and not pay. He said he feels that policy, "is what contributes to facilitating these situations."

If you're in the Boiceville/Olivebridge area and would like more information on the abandoned cats, you can checkout Damon's Facebook page here.

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