WOW! When they say high wind warnings on bridges, this is why.

Back on Friday when we were getting hit by another winter storm, the powers that be also warned us about high winds, especially crossing bridges.

Whenever I hear stuff like this I honestly don't really pay attention to it, I mean really, high winds are going to cause any vehicle to blow over? Never gonna happen right? Wrong...take a look at this video I found on Facebook, thanks to Joe Carino. Beware there is language not suitable for all in these videos.

So scary. Thank god the truck didn't land on any other vehicles and as far as we know the driver of the truck was O.K., just a bit shook up.

From now on, I for one will always listen up when they warn us about high winds crossing bridges. Please be careful when driving in weather like this.

We do have some nasty weather coming our way late Tuesday night into Wednesday and we will keep you updated all week long so you can plan your travel accordingly.

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