This might be the most American thing I have ever seen.

People are fascinated by eagles mostly because they're so elusive. You rarely ever see them but when you do they are unmistakable. Despite not being spotted very often, according to to the DOAS, eagles are reportedly found all year round in New York State and sightings are far more common during the winter months.

Eagles are pretty high on the food chain and they are some of the most dominant predators on the planet.

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I knew eagles were predators. They are called birds of prey after all. For some reason, I thought they went after small game like squirrels, mice and even other birds. I had no idea they went after other large predators like wolves and coyotes. Did you?

If you had told me that eagles could take out wolves I would have said I would need to see it to believe it. Well, I saw it and now I know it is real.

Not only can they attack wolves they can even attack your pet dog or cat. There's a whole page dedicated to how to protect your pets from Bald Eagle, Hawk, or Owl attacks. 

Eagle vs. Wolf in Upstate New York

The Instagram account called lifeinthe.adk posted incredible photos of an Eagle vs. Wolf showdown allegedly in the Adirondacks, which you can see here.

Here is a fascinating video that shows how eagles hunt wolves and other mammals. They even take out monkeys.

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