I have always been a fan of the traffic circle. I remember when I was little my Grandpa would sometimes go around the circle more than once just so we could enjoy it. I have a feel nowadays that wouldn't be a popular thing to do. However, some of us have had to go around more than once simply because we missed our exit.

When I was little we vacationed a lot in Massachusetts which seems to be the land of the traffic circle or roundabout as they refer to them on the Cape. I always knew we were almost there when we would start going around the traffic circles. When I drive to the cape I still get the same giddy feeling as I did as a kid when I hit that first traffic circle after the Bourne Bridge.

But this article is not about traffic circles on the Cape in Massachusetts it is about the traffic circles we have here in the Hudson Valley. I know I have left a few off the list so please feel free to send me the location of your favorite round-a-bout. I would love to include it in my list below.

I was surprised how few there really are around our area. I would have thought we would have at least 10 or more but I could only come up with 6.

These are the traffic circles I use, see if they are ones that you use as well.

Hudson Valley Traffic Circles

A traffic circle is a great way to direct traffic. Gone are the red lights. Instead there is a yield sign and traffic moving in unison. I have always been a fan of the traffic circle as appose to a light and intersection. I will admit though for people who aren't use to driving in them they can be pretty intimidating. You have to think of them as a revolving door for cars. Of course I know a lot of people who can't navigate a revolving door. Here are few traffic circles that I enjoy using in the Hudson Valley.

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