There is no doubt that the Hudson Valley is a crossroads for the tractor-trailer truck industry. I-87 and I-84 crisscross the Hudson Valley full of truck traffic every day. So passing through, others delivering at the multitude of warehouses we have now in our area.

Tractor-trailer trucks from all over the United States travel our roads. For kids who love trucks, this is a treat. For people who want a job in trucking, this is an opportunity. And I might as well just say it for anyone who doesn't like sharing the road with truckers it is a bother.

Learn to Drive a Truck with Classes Offered in Sullivan County

I couldn't imagine driving a tractor-trailer truck. I have a hard time navigating our local roads with a pickup truck and a trailer. Driving an actual tractor-trailer truck would surely be above my skill set as a driver. The thought of backing one up mystifies me.

SUNY Sullivan via Facebook
SUNY Sullivan via Facebook

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So I won't be heading to SUNY Sullivan later this month but don't let that stop you from heading there if you want to try learning to be a tractor-trailer truck driver. SUNY Sullivan has classes starting on January 29th and running through January 2025 where you can learn to be a driver and get a CDL.

They are offering CDL-A and CDL-B classes throughout the year. They have daytime, evening, and weekend classes in hopes that everyone can find a time that fits their schedule.

What is Required to Sign Up to Learn to Drive a Truck at SUNY Sullivan

Information about the classes and how to register is available online at The classes require that you already have a valid New York State Drivers License. You will also have to pass a drug test and a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical.

Classes vary in hours for completion and tuition cost. CDL A Tractor Trailer Training is 160 hours and carries a cost of $5,500. CDL B Driver Training classes require 120 hours for $4,125.

SUNY Sullivan via Facebook
SUNY Sullivan via Facebook

The Hudson Valley has become the land of the warehouses. We don't have quite as many as you see heading down Pennsylvania Interstate 81 from Scranton to Hagerstown but our area is growing.  There are two warehouse projects under consideration right now in Gardiner and Cornwall.

Learning to drive a truck right now will allow you to be part of this type of economic growth in our area. Plus it is a great way to see the United States if you end up doing long hauls.

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