It is no secret that I am the fan of the "witch" so I thought in honor of Halloween I would introduce some of the girls and check in on who are my favorites. Yes, I am aware their are male witches but we are keeping this to the movie sirens we love and their wicked attitudes.

So who are my favorite witches? Well I always loved Witch Hazel from Bugs Bunny with all her flying hair pins. She would most likely land at number three in my top three but as for the top two it is hard for me to say who is number one. Let's say we have a tie. The top slots on my list are shared between Disney's evil yet misunderstood Maleficent and of course Oz's Monkey keeper The Wicked Witch of the West.

Here in the Hudson Valley we are all familiar with the Blair Witch and It's project but sadly it didn't make the list I found online from 2013. No wonder through because this list actually includes Mary Poppins!? For really, check it out.

Top 10 Movie Witches

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