Unofficially you can see it tonight but it is officially in theaters tomorrow, Maleficent Mistress of Evil has finally hit theaters. I have been waiting for the next film since I saw the first. Much like a fan of the Avengers I was holding out hope that someday the tale would continue.

If you are not familiar with the Maleficent character she is now one of the most popular Disney Villains. She is the evil witch / Fairy in the story of Sleeping Beauty. When Disney went back to retell the story they decidedly told it from the side of Maleficent who if you're a fan you will agree was completely misunderstood and was left no choice but to avenge her broken heart.

Anyway enough of my ranting if you haven't seen the first one catch up on you favorite movie service. Then head out to the big scene to catch the next part of the story. Luckily for you it is at all the local cinemas this weekend. Regal At the Galleria and Fishkill. The Privately owned New Paltz, Roosevelt and Red Hook theaters if you want to keep your dollars local and have real butter on your popcorn. You can also catch it in Kingston at NCR Kingston Theater.

It may not be a Halloween movie but it certainly has enough evil in it ensure you get a Disney horror fix. Some early reviews aren't being very kind but I assure you they have also misunderstood our Mistress of Evil as well. Let's remember it is Disney and a Fairy Tale not a Stephen King Movie.

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