It might not be much to look at but this place might be one of my favorite barbecue restaurants in the Hudson Valley.

If you don't eat meat I would tell you to click away but they've got amazing cornbread and macaroni and cheese as well. Carnivores aren't the only ones who can appreciate good BBQ. The Hudson Valley region is known for having some amazing restaurants but I feel like barbecue joints are very underappreciated. 

The lack of local barbecue restaurants is surprising since the BBQ market is huge in the United States and the pandemic only boosted those numbers. The home BBQ grill market ignited from a $5 billion industry in 2019 to an over $8 billion industry so far this year. The fact is that many of us spent more time at home and decided to prepare are meals outside and preferably on an open flame. Even BBQ sauce sales were up.

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BBQ in the Hudson Valley

There are several towards Newburgh, New York but there aren't many notable ones in Dutchess or Putnam County. Or is there?

I recently discovered one of my favorite BBQ places in the Hudson Valley from a hidden gem that was hiding in plain sight.


I discovered some of the best BBQ in Putnam County, New York

If you travel to and from Westchester County on Route 9 you might pass by this rough-looking barbecue restaurant every single day on your commute and never even notice it but to me, it's definitely worth trying. Despite its rough exterior, this place has nearly 5 stars on Google from well over 500 reviews.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's called Round Up and they advertise Texas BBQ. They're located at 2741 US-9, Cold Spring, New York.

It's definitely ideal for take-out rather than dine-in during the winter months in my opinion but they didn't disappoint!

Here are some of those great spots near Newburgh you should try.

5 BBQ Restaurants to Try Near Newburgh, New York

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