Tim McGraw may have a 20-something's body, but he does not have a 20-something's bones. The singer shared a photo of himself laid up after a little too much fun.

Wearing a heavy boot on his right foot, McGraw concedes that he has two stress fractures caused by "too much spearfishing and beach volleyball." The Instagram picture looks to have been taken in his home's den or living room. A bookshelf filled with historical non-fiction and a few family photos faces the camera. Strange markings on the door jamb could be where he and wife Faith Hill marked their daughters' growth on the wall, as many parents do.  A baseball bat rests against the wall and a pair of boxing gloves are slung over a wall lamp. Are they momentos? Valuable memorabilia? Just things the singer likes to dump any nervous energy into?

Before McGraw wiped his Instagram page clean, there were dozens of photos of him holding his prize after a successful spearfishing trip. Now Faith Hill is the sole provider of sexy Tim McGraw photos, if you don't count the pictures found in this video:

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Musically, McGraw has stayed busy working on new material for his next studio album. Earlier this month, he dropped "Neon Church" and one other song called "Thought About You." His next project is expected in 2019. It will be his first solo album on Sony Music Nashville after runs with Big Machine and Curb.

Physically, there's little doubt McGraw will continue to get fit in spite of his new footwear. His dedication to exercise is well-documented and photographed. The 51-year-old hauls a trailer dedicated to his workout regimen with him on tour every year.

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