How about a day with wine and spirits? No, not liquor, more along the lines of ghostly figures.

The Palaia Winery in Highland Mills, has been hosting an event every Friday in October that tells the story of "Seraphina: The Haunted Trail at the Palaia Winery." Tickets are $15 a piece and the haunted tour is recommended for kids 10 and up.

You'll follow the trail while being visited by the ghost of Longhurst Covenant, which allegedly use to be on the Palaia grounds and was home to orphaned children built by Mistress Theresa Longhurst in 1872.

The school later burnt down in 1892 and according to legend and supernatural historians "there may have been something dangerous about" one student who arrived a few weeks before, Seraphina Harriden.

Expert tour guides will bring you around the grounds. Some visitors in the past have said they have had some ghostly encounters. The question is are you brave enough to walk the trail?

More details on how to get your tickets at EventBrite.


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