Here is where you can watch CJ and Jess get into detail about some of the things we did over the weekend!

It's a kick off to the work week every Monday morning on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show with a little game we call "Three Things From the Weekend". Every Monday Jess reads on the air anonymously two sets of three things that we each did over the weekend. Your job is to try and figure out which one of us, did which set of three.

If you missed are things from the show, here they are....

Person one

1. Watched the show Never Have I Ever.
2. Saw a huge snake.
3. Made homemade ice cream.

Person two

1. Watched a woman walk her cat with a harness and leash.
2. Thought they saw a tornado.
3. Had some great ice cream at Zoe's Ice Cream in Dutchess county.

Got a guess as to who did which set of three? Get the answer and all of the stories behind our things by watching our weekly video episode....

If you ever want to make Jess completely freak out, all you need to do is bring a snake by. If you missed our discussion on the air after this, I still stand by my comment that no matter what the type of snake Jess sees, she will freak out the same. It could be a rattlesnake a simple garter snake whatever kind it is she will go CRAZY!

Anyone have a snake I can borrow? Thanks for watching and have a great week!

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