Here is where you can get the stories behind our "things" from the weekend.

Every Monday Jess and I give you a quick recap of our weekend with a chance to win with what we call "Three Things from the Weekend". We try to keep track of some of the fun stuff we do over the weekend and every Monday Jess reads you two sets of three things anonymously on the show. Your job is to try and figure out who did which set of three.

If you missed our things, they are......

Person one

1. Spent a lot of time in the car.
2. Baked more Christmas cookies.
3. Did some last minute shopping.

Person two

1. Was given a totem pole.
2. Went to a basketball game.
3. Missed a little party.

Who do you think did what? Take a look at our video version of Three Things and get the stories behind all of our "things".....

OMG! I so want to try out some of those cookies! Thank you so much for watching and make sure your listening all week long for a ton of chances to win some New York Lottery seasonal scratch off tickets. Just listen for Santa's cue to call. When you hear it be caller 25 on the Wolf hotline, 845-473-9431 and your a winner. Good luck!

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