Who did what this weekend?

The weekend didn't quite go the way I wanted it to, at least as far as our go karting challenge went. Yes I am still bitter!!!

Every Monday morning Jess and I come in with a list of things we did over each of our weekends. We each give you guys three things from our lists and then open up the phones, get to know our caller a little bit better and to see if you can guess who did what.

Here are the three things from our weekend...

Person one

1. Went go kart racing
2. Went to the Food Truck Festival at Bethel Woods
3. Watched the movie "Life"

Person two

1. Went go kart racing
2. Did Brunch
3. Moved a ton of furniture

So who did what?

Have fun with the eclipse later today and make sure you wake up with me tomorrow for your next chance to win tickets to see Hank Williams Jr at Bethel Woods.

Have a great week!!!

Bonus Video: Frolic Friday

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