Who won the big go kart showdown?

We have been talking about spending the day at Overlook Naskarts in Poughkeepsie for the last few weeks and the big day finally happened.

If you missed it, we gave everyone the chance to win their way onto one of our go kart teams, you could choose either Team Jess (Shake N Bake) or Team CJ (Crash N Burn). After a few weeks of filling up our teams, we fired up the go karts and did a little racing.

UGH!!! That didn't go very good for me. Beat up by Jess again!

I'm going to try and not be a sore loser, so CONGRATULATIONS Jess! Man I hate losing.

We do want to thank all of our teammates for showing up and having some fun with us and we have to thank the team at Overlook Naskarts. The guys there were the best and took great care of us. They are open Friday, Saturday and Sundays and also do birthday parties.

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