Who did what this weekend?

WOW, what a great weather weekend we had this weekend here in the Hudson Valley, just gorgeous, and what better way to start a Monday than with "Three Things" from the weekend.

Every Monday Jess and I bring in our little list of things we did over the weekend and we each pick three things from our lists to read to you on the air, in hopes that you can figure out which one of us did what?

If you missed our "things" from the show today, here they are:

Person one

1. Went apple and pumpkin picking at Dubois Farm
2. Went to the Army Football game
3. Worked a charity event

Person two

1. Went to the dentist
2. Watched a bunch of guys dress up as women
3. Went through a sobriety check point on Newburgh Beacon Bridge

So, who did what?....

Thank you for watching and make sure your listening all week to the CJ in the morning show for a chance to win tickets to Boo Ball at the Chance on Friday.

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