Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away that means we have lots to do. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out where you should star, so I have decided to break out the three most important things. Everything else should fall into place once you have nailed down these three chores.

Of course, this checklist only applies if you are the person not worried about cooking this year. It is implied that these are the most important, unless you are cooking for five, ten or twenty. And if that is the case you are on your own because I wouldn't know where to start for that responsibility. I have stated it before and I will state it again, I get invited. That is my plan and then I bring the wine.

So with that disclaimer here are three things that you need to do before Thanksgiving.

First - Lose the 3 pounds you will gain eating that day. Find the salad bar and live at it for the next two weeks. Back away from the desserts as well. There will be plenty of pie and sweets on the 24th. A walk around the block should help. I also try to keep the wine to a minimum that is always good for a pound or two.

Second - Plan a shopping strategy for the weekend sales. I don't head out on "Black Friday" but you will find me roaming on "Small Business Saturday." I know some of you wait for "Cyber Monday" to hit the Amazon list. Just remember whenever you plan to head out that you have made a list, you have done your sales research and you have set a budge,t otherwise post holiday bills will haunt you in 2017.

Third - Load up on spare containers for left overs. Whether you are feeding the army or you are heading to someones house you can't have enough containers. There is nothing worse than taking someones good Tupperware. So over the next week or so get take out and save the plastic containers. They make the perfect travel leftover package and it won't matter if you never see it again.

Happy planning! Here are some leftover ideas.