So just how long do those Thanksgiving leftovers last? They were super yummy when they were being made. And Thanksgiving day when all those delicious dishes hit the table they were beyond compare. Later Thanksgiving day you were spooning then into your mouth straight from the Tupperware container. But what about today? or Tomorrow? Should we still be eating all those amazing holiday treats that were buttery good the first time we ate them but now seem to be a bit dried out.

According to Still Tasty a few of those homemade thanksgiving favorites are still editable. Some can even be enjoy a week from now but some should be considered compost. It is a balance of when and where they were stored after the feast. Cranberries seem to last the longest with bread coming in second. Gravy, however barely makes it to day two unless it is frozen. It seems you need to know "will I eat it now?" if not then freezing is the way to go.

So consult the experts and if all else fails air on the side of "I can always wait until next year to have it again".

It is Chinese takeout at my house tonight. Bon Petite.

Jamie Oliver's Leftover Turkey Sandwich