So many dinners means so many leftovers. In these back to work busy times post COVID we are going to have to get creative again with leftovers. As things start to pick up it will get harder to make meals and your are going to want to make one night of cooking or take-out go a bit farther.

Leftovers can be hard not everyone likes to eat them. I happen to be a big leftover fan. I actually plan meals I make and order out to end up being a lunch or even a next day dinner. The secret is to reinvent the first meal into something even more yummy the second time around.

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One of my favorite ways to fix up a leftover is to take leftover French fries and re-bake them. I will get fries when I am out then bring home the extras for a leftover meal side. Mahoney's Irish Pub and Steakhouse in Poughkeepsie and Rocco's Pizza in New Paltz have great fries to recook as a leftover. It is so simple to bring them back to life. Spread them out on an oven sheet, add your favorite spice and re-bake at 325 for 10 to 15 minutes. They re-crisp and take on the flavor you add.

What can you do with a bone?


Boil it into a broth which you can use to make a sauce or a soup.

What to do with Rice?


This is probably one of the easiest items to reinvent as a great left over. You can add beans or veggies. One can become a spicy side dish the other could be a stir fry. Check out for and easy home made pork fried rice recipe.

What about Pizza?

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If I am not just eating it cold, I know not everyone is a fan of cold pizza. Try cutting it into small pieces and broiling in to cheesy bite or even cheesy croutons for an salad.

And finally left over meat?


This is the easy one make it a big fat sandwich for lunch the next day.

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