I really hope that you are trying to win the Grand in your Hand!

To try and make things a little easier, every Monday we will give you the EXACT times you need to be listening to win the $1000.

Have you thought about what you would do with a little extra cash? I keep changing my mind, first it was a new snowblower, then fantasy football and know I think if I had the extra money I would go to my local convenience store and buy a TON of scratch offs. That's just me, lol.

Anyway, every weekday in the month of November we are giving you 2 chances everyday to win the Grand in your hand.

Here are the times for this week:

Monday 11/23 at 9:06am and 2:36pm

Tuesday 11/24 at 1:06pm and 6:36pm

Wednesday 11/25 at 10:06am and 3:36pm

Thursday 11/26 NO Contest

Friday 11/27 NO CONTEST

At those time we will tell you to be the 25th caller to 1-877-854-WINS (9467) and if you are the 25th caller you win the $1000.

You can also sing up to win $10,000 with the Wolf Grand in Your Hand.

Good Luck.