There may not be a better place National Day on the National Days calendar than "National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day". This Thursday people all over the country will be cleaning out their frig. Emptying bottom drawers, defrosting frozen block of something from the freezer. Even the door and the cheese drawer will get a good wipe.

Apparently this day was established in 1999 when a Whirlpool home appliance economists came up with the idea to help people accomplish two tasks. One was to actually have a day where you scrub the frig, the other was sort of a circumstance of the first. If you want people to do a job they probably hate then give them a good reason. And that reason was make room for the holiday goodies. Plus you'll need all the tupperware for those yummy holiday leftovers.

I actually like to clean my frig. I will admit that I may not scrub the shelves or washout the drawers the way my Mom did, she actually pulled everything out a washed it in the scrub sink we had in the laundry room. But I will do a thorough job. I even have a system. I pull out everything that will be tossed and sort it by liquid and solid. Liquid usually ends up down the sink but solid ends up in a big plastic bag on the counter. It looks like a cooking experiment gone terribly wrong by the time I am done.

Happy cleaning are remember to commemorate the moment with pictures using the #CleanOutYourFrigDay on social media.

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