It doesn't matter what the temperature is outside because it is always guacamole weather. Hot or cold guacamole taste good on the side with chips or on top of a cheesy burrito. May maybe the month you think about Mexican food because of Cinco de Mayo but Spicy guacamole day is in November.

That's right this Thursday November 14th is National Spicy Guacamole Day. Get ready to celebrate by picking up some fresh fresh avocados, some jalapenos, sweet tomatoes and any thing else you think might make a great ingredient in your guacamole. I like to take a fresh avocado crush it up with a garlic herb spicy throw in a heaping tablespoon yogurt and an equal amount of hot salsa then mix and serve.

I will warn you though according to the National Days People they estimate that there is about 400 calories in a cup of guacamole of course your recipe may vary. Avocados are good for you but you might want to make sure you have invited over a friend or two who can help you finish off the bowl. And yeah you are going to want to finish what you make because that's the other bad news about guacamole it doesn't keep long.

If you aren't inspired to make your own recipe, no worries because there are plenty of varieties of guacamole to choose from at the local grocery. Whatever you do don't forget to pick up chips or tortillas to go with the guacamole we wouldn't want you to be eating if off the spoon like it's peanut butter.

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