If you have a dog or two at home right now, you at one time or another have experienced the pain that I went through the other day when I got home from work and realized that my dog had some chewing fun while I was out.

Let me start by saying I LOVE MY DOG! I've had "Smalls" for two years now and to say he has changed my life is an understatement. The only thing that has caused me any pain with him is that he loves to chew and destroy just about anything he can get his mouth on.

He's destroyed quite a few things since I got him including, sneakers, TV remotes, mail, magazines, door frames, couch cushions, and socks. I've lost count as to how many socks I've lost but the most recent thing that he's destroyed has cost me a couple of hundred bucks.

Here's What Happened

Last week, my son and I went out to the store and when we got home and opened the door something weird happened, he didn't come running to us like he normally does. I know from experience that when he doesn't come running, that means he has gotten into something he's not supposed to get into.

We both took our shoes off and went to find him and as we turned the corner, I looked in my son's room and there he was lying on the floor with the look of trouble on his face. As I got closer, I noticed that he had just got done chewing up my son's AirPods charging case. My first reaction was to yell at him and my son for leaving them out, but my son explained that he put them in his overnight bag and the dog must have gotten into the bag and found them. Here is the aftermath...

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Whatever happened, all I wanted to do was see if the case was broken or not. So I went and plugged it in, and of course...BUSTED! The good news is the earbuds still worked, but the case needed to be replaced.

Has your dog ever chewed and destroyed something expensive? Mike called us a told us that his two dogs work together as a team, "one steals my work boots and the other does the chewing" I think that is why I'm going to stay with just one dog for now.

Besty in Cornwall texted us, "Our dog once got into a 5-pound bag of flour. There were DOGGIE PRINTS ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!! 😡" Kris in Otisville texted, "My chocolate lab has gotten three remote controls, kitchen knives, kitchen tongs, Keurig coffee basket, pens wood chips."

Not every dog chew things

Tom in Hyde Park texted us, "I guess I have a very well-behaved dog. He chews nothing but his toys." Tom is one lucky guy...LOL! Has your dog ever chewed and destroyed something expensive? Call or text us through the app.

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