It's crazy to even think about, but CJ and I have been doing Frolic Friday for almost two years now. It feels like just yesterday I was refusing to frolic around our parking lot every Friday, now I can't imagine a Friday without it.

Every week CJ and I try to start you weekend off with a watching us frolic around like a bunch of idiots.

Throughout the past year, we have had some unique frolic Friday themes. Like Frolicking for freedom, frolicking with our guns out and frolicking for poor Eli Manning.

I conducted a research project to come up with the Top 10 Frolics of 2017. It was easier than it sounded. Below you'll find our most popular Frolics according to Youtube views.

10. Frolic Friday from the Hudson Valley to Austin Texas - January 2017

9. Frolic For Freedom- May 2017

8. Frolic Friday Kathy Griffin- June 2017

7. Frolic Friday Loud and Proud- March 2017

6. Frolic Friday with Fire - June 2017

5. Frolic Friday: Taste of Country Music Festival- June 2017

4. Frolic Friday Food Trucks - August 2017

3. Frolic Friday Get Well Jess- March 2017

2. Frolic Friday Jess Gets a Gift- November 2017

1. Frolic Friday: Barefoot

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting our barefoot frolic to be so popular. Either way, we couldn't have done this with out you!

Thank you so much for supporting CJ and I throughout the year, even when we frolic around like a bunch of morons.

Have a Happy New Year and look out for some crazy frolicking in 2018.









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