The smoke has finally lifted and Hudson Valley residents can breathe easy again.

For the last few days, the mid-Hudson region has been blanketed in thick, heavy smoke. Unfortunately, it was due to the over 400 wildfires blazing across Canada. According to CBS News the fire has burned through over 8.2 million acres, which is bigger than the state of Maryland, in parts of Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario.

With that in mind, The Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show on The Wolf in Poughkeepsie decided to check in with their Canadian friends Ben and Reid who host a radio show in Kingston Ontario Canada. Ben and Reid weren't too sure how the fires starts, but the closest blaze to them was about 2 hours away. Then they got into kilometers and CJ and Jess were VERY confused.

After making sure that the guys were okay, and the wildfires haven't gotten to their studio they got to the important stuff:

If you hadn't had Thrills Gum before...don't.

In all seriousness, our thoughts and prayers are going out to firefighters and first responders working on putting out the blaze. As far as we know there have been no deaths during the last few weeks of the Canadian wildfires, but we'll keep you updated as information comes in.

Not that you need a reminder of how bad it was earlier this week, but take a look at the timelapse of photos below:

Unbelievable Time Lapse of Wildfire Smoke Consuming New York City

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New York in a Hazardous Orange Haze from Fires in Canada

While many of us in Upstate New York dealt with smog and smoke on Tuesday from the Canadian wildfires, take a look at what residents of New York City dealt with throughout the day today.

According to reports, air quality downstate was the worst since at least the 1980s Wednesday afternoon as a thick wave of orange smoke and ash left many from New York "hazed and confused."

On a normal day in New York, the air index is about 100.

Officials said the city’s air quality index had risen to 353 out of 500 and was considered to be “very hazardous".

And many of these images capture the reasons why.


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