Okay so we are all under a lot of stress. So much is going on this week. New York opening but not really. More guideline for going back to work. The weather throwing snow at us and then a few nights of freezing temperatures. All of this could be the reason you have felt all week like you need a nap but the truth is it might be something completely different.

It is true that all of the stuff I listed about could be adding to the fact that you just can't keep your eye open right now and neither can your pet, but the truth of it is it's probably tree pollen.  That's right your sleepiness and your pets could be allergies. How do I know this is the most likely cause? Simple, your pet is joining you for your nap. Not that your pet can't feel your stress but it is much more likely they are feeling the effects of allergies just like you.

Don't try to fight it you won't win especially if your pets is having allergies too. Your tired their tired you can't win. They may even encouraging you to nap by snuggling up next to you and doing that cuddle thing that has you snuggle back and then suddenly you are both sound asleep. Face it they are smarter than us. They know we need a nap.

Of course I am not going to act as if I am the authority on allergies and napping, although I do have a lot of personal experience with it. Instead I will refer you to livescience.com and an article they wrote last summer regarding naps and allergies. Give it a read and then give yourself permission to nap.

If your schedule isn't allowing nap time let me first say I get it and it is also unfortunate. So what can you do to help your allergies while things bloom in the Hudson Valley? WebMD.com has some great natural remedies you can try. I am a big fan of the saline nasal spray. I go no where without my jug of Ocean Nasal Spray.

I refuse to let allergies hold me back and I have to open windows as soon as it is warm. And this weekend there will be a nap on the things to do list which I know my dog will happily participate in but not before we head outside to enjoy Sunshine and warm temperatures.

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