It appears we are in the summer of virtual fundraisers. I am really excited to see how may different organizations and groups are putting together events even through we won't be in physical attendance. So many fundraisers have gotten really clever with how you can help on your own time, in your own way but still be part of an event.

There have been walks and runs happening just about every weekend in the Hudson Valley since the COVID-19 outbreak that have turned to online social media formats so you can enjoy the experience even if it is still virtual. More importantly you can still raise money for something you want to support.

Today I came across an event that is happening to support the Catskill Animal Sanctuary that I think is absolutely brilliant. It is "The Goat Games 2020". They are playing off the idea that the Olympics were canceled and invite you to be a "champion for rescued farm animals".

The thing I think is so clever is that you can do whatever you want to raise money. If you check out website you will see that they have designated a goat to each of the various sports and the idea is you pick the goat that represents the thing you plan to accomplish. What's brilliant about it for me is that one of the goats, Bartleby has the sport being your choice and they claim they will even accept napping.

Yes, that's right you don't have to run or walk you can just nap while raising money to help the animals at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Sign me up for team Bartleby and a long nap. But seriously if you want to help go to Goat Games 2020 to register for your team. The games are August 8th - August 16th, which basically means you pick a day that week to swim, hike, walk, bike or in my case nap.

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