Lots of people will be running a bit slow on Monday due to the fact that they over did everything on Super Bowl Sunday. You might be running slow but your computer doesn't have to if you make a plan to clean it out.

This Monday isn't just the day you go back on your diet after binge eating during the big game, it also the day you should clean out your computer. That's right clean out your computer. Monday (February 8, 2021 is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. As national days go this isn't probably one of the most popular days. It may not even be one that you care about, but it is important.

If you are like me you most likely downloads things every day. I regularly save files without organizing them and probably worst of all I copy document constantly. All of these things cause clutter in your computer. That in turn makes it harder to find my files and ultimately my computer runs slower.

So what should you do to clean up the mess in your laptop? The National Days Calendar offers these 6 tips:

  • Organize your files and folders.
  • Review your emails and delete any that are no longer needed.
  • Delete junk files.
  • Remove duplicate files.
  • Delete old files and programs not being used.
  • Update the programs you do use.

So Monday whether you are working from home or heading into the office with your post big game hangover spend sometime looking through you computer and cleaning up some of those files.


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