Is this Hudson Valley woman a "naggy" fiance?

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we turn the studio into a dimly light therapist office to try and help out a fellow Wolf listener just like you. We got all different kinds of emails from people with all kinds of problems and this week we focus in on getting married and fiances.

Ashley wrote to us,

I'm a bit crazy when it comes to finances. I save money and keep my credit score in the 800's. I grew up pretty poor because of my mothers inability to save money and lack of money management skills. I myself now have a 1 and a half year old and I'm determined to give her not only a good life but a GREAT life. I want to be able to have her in sports, in nice clothes, go on vacations, all of the things I didn't have.

So to get to my point, I'm getting married on September 21st of this year. My fiance and I have been together for 5 years, he is an absolutely amazing man. HOWEVER, he is horrible with finances. He has asked me to borrow money on a couple of occasions and I see the bills we get in the mail with wording like "last notice" and things that indicate they are past due bills. His parents are horrible with money so I suspect that's where this stems from. Anyway, my question is, should I look into his finances and spending habits further before we get married? Do I even have a right to do that or will it just make me a naggy fiance?

Please help!

Do you guys have any advice for Ashley?

I think that she definitely needs to dig a bit deeper into his "money" issues before they tie the knot, because if she doesnt do it now and she finds out that he really is a money disaster it will be to late to walk away.

Does how your partner handles money and bills really matter if your in love? Call the show anytime at 845-473-9431 or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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