June has arrived and so have all the delicious fruits and veggies that come with it. There is a long list which you can checkout below but I want to focus on the big three for me.

Blueberries - These tasty little morsels from Mother Nature are good on morning cereal, snack time yogurt and night time baked goods. Warm blueberry pie with fresh blueberries is a true summer time treat plus they are super good for you.

Cherries - Just as good as blueberries, cherries are another summer treat. Sitting out on a hot June day and snacking on a handful of cherries is the true taste of summer. As a kid I was known to pass up ice cream for a bag of cherries. Yes, I was a weird kid.

Peaches - These fuzzy bundles of juicy summer flavor are the perfect summer pie. It isn't summer at my house until the first peaches arrive. Sliced for breakfast or served warm from the grill peaches are the season favorite.

So how about a recipe that includes all three.

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