July officially arrives this weekend so let's welcome cherry picking season in the Hudson Valley. Cherries have to be one of my all time favorite fruits. I can remember eating so many as a kid my Mother would joke that I was going to turn cherry red and stay that way.

So of course you can have fresh cherries in New York in July and enjoy them right off the stem. You can also make things with cherries like jam, pies and tarts. Cherries with syrup are the perfect summer topping to any desert and the recipe below will have you making your our Maraschino Cherries which can top every thing from ice cream to summer cocktails.

You can always pick up fresh cherries at your favorite farm stand or grocery, but you can also venture out and pick your own. Hudson Valley Parent has a great list of where you can go with the whole family to make a real adventure out of eating cherries this year.

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